Airline Pallets

Air Freight Pallets are designed for use with conveyor systems in terminals and in aircraft, the low-profile flat pallet (also referred to as a Flat Rack) is equipped with fittings for securing the pallet firmly to the aircraft deck.


Freight is normally secured to the pallet by nets, tightened over the freight by application of tensioned straps.


Pallets are often covered with contoured semi-structural covers called "igloos," "hula huts," or "cocoons" to provide protection and keep cargo within safe dimensions for loading in aircraft. Igloos may be attached to the pallet by cargo nets that are placed over the exterior, or the igloo may be permanently attached to the pallet.


Dimensions and cubes will vary slightly. Common sizes and capacities of pallets are:


Type Height Length Width Cubic Feet Use
Full Pallet (Net or igloo) 68" 125" 86" 420 Freighter/aircraft
Full Pallet (Net or igloo) 88" 100" 86" 360 Freight/Passenger
Full Pallet (Net or igloo) 88" 125" 64" 350 Boeing 747 Lower Deck
Full Pallet (Net of igloo) 88" 61" 86" 200 Multiple
Half Pallet (Net or igloo) 88" 53" 76" 160 Multiple